After socializing with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, dining and conversations at Five Rivers Lodge are the culmination of your adventures for the day. One of the most enjoyable and unexpected aspects of dinner is our spectacular

Montana scenery. Your dinner is accompanied by the sun setting in the West over the Pioneer Mountains with an awesome light show of the setting sun reflecting off the clouds; a sky which is filling with more stars than can even be imagined; and, perhaps at the same time, the moon rising on the east side of the dining room. All this, while looking at Beaverhead Rock which was a stopping point for Lewis and Clark's boat voyage to the Pacific Ocean.

Our four and five course dinners at the lodge are made in-house. Our goal is to constantly bring our guest the best and freshest of local ingredients. Such ingredients are used in dishes like our Montana Wild Huckleberry vinaigrette; in-house smoked pulled pork tamales; Chilean empanadas; and, our homemade famous Montana Wild Huckleberry ice cream. Our experienced chefs want the cuisine to include your dietary needs and choices. We will work with you to prepare healthy gourmet meals, just let us know what's best for you. it's easy for our staff to prepare meals which adhere to your dietary needs - or to indulge you in the bounty of "Big Sky" hospitality and cuisine.

While our food is world-class, the dress for dinner is casual.

After dinner, relax with a beverage and enjoy our extensive deck. On a clear night you can see an abundance of bright stars. Remember to wish on the first star you see and relive your day and dream of tomorrow's adventure. Back